Deval A. Lashkari, Ph.D.

Senior Partner

Deval has worked in the life sciences area since 1988 developing and commercializing novel technologies. He gained corporate and business development experience through senior management positions in a number of life science companies. He was a founding Research Director at Synteni, which was acquired by Incyte Genomics, where he became Director of Product Development. He also worked with Operon Technologies (acquired by Qiagen), and Genometrix. Deval has represented THP on the boards of AcroMetrix (acquired by Life Technologies), Active Motif, Agena Bioscience, Althea Technologies (acquired by Ajinomoto), AltheaDx, Applied Precision (Acquired by GE), Aurora Discovery (acquired by NEXUS Biosystems), NEXUS Biosystems (acquired by Brooks Automation), Precision NanoSystems, RareCyte, Sage Labs (acquired by Horizon Discovery), and SwitchGear Genomics (acquired by Active Motif). He was an observer on the board of Dharmacon (acquired by Fisher Scientific). Deval received a BA from the University of California, Berkeley and a Ph.D. from Stanford University.