Accumetrics is a developer and manufacturer of point of care diagnostics in the cardiovascular and neurovascular disease areas.

Acquired by ITC Nexus in 2013.

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AcroMetrix is a leading developer and manufacturer of controls and standards for molecular diagnostic tests, offering many molecular, serological, and genomic products.

Acquired by Life Technologies in 2010.

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Agena Bioscience

Agena Bioscience is a life sciences and clinical diagnostics company that offers the MassARRAY® System for nucleic acid detection.

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Althea Technologies

Althea Technologies is a provider of contract manufacturing and services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Acquired by Ajinomoto in 2013.

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AltheaDx provides biomarker analytical and development services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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Ambion is a market leader in the field of RNA-based life science research and molecular diagnostics with products for handling, preserving, isolating, detecting and measuring RNA.

Acquired by Applied Biosystems Group in 2006.

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AngioScore develops, makes and sells leading edge tools for endovascular therapy.

Acquired by The Spectranetics Corporation in 2014.

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Applied Precision

Applied Precision is a leading provider of imaging, measurement and analysis systems for the life sciences industry and OEM markets.

Acquired by GE in 2011.

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Argonaut Manufacturing Services

Argonaut provides reagent and consumable contract manufacturing services for Molecular Diagnostic and Life Science companies.

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Asuragen is leveraging its RNA expertise to focus on emerging opportunities associated with personalized medicine for cancer patients to create novel diagnostic products that will facilitate early diagnosis and treatment outcome.

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Aurora Discovery

Aurora Discovery develops and markets premium quality high-density microplates used in high-throughput screening, live cell imaging and other life science applications.

Aquired by NEXUS Biosystems in 2009.

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Confirma is a pioneer and leader in application-specific computer-aided-detection for MRI.

Acquired by Merge Healthcare in 2009.

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Dharmacon is the global leader in synthetic RNA and related technologies.

Acquired by Fisher Scientific in 2004.

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Estech develops medical devices that enable less invasive cardiac surgery including coronary artery bypass grafts, valve repair and cardiac tissue ablation.

Acquired by AtriCure, Inc. in 2014.

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Freedom Innovations

Freedom Innovations develops, manufactures and markets premium, advanced technology prosthetic devices for lower limb amputees.

Acquired by Health Evolution Partners in 2012.

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Interface specializes in catheter production machines, complex medical balloon development and contract balloon manufacturing.

Acquired by NDC in 2015.

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Kinetikos Medical

Kinetikos Medical develops and markets products for small bone surgery with offerings of technologically advanced joint replacement implants, fixation devices, and surgical devices.

Acquired by Integra Life Sciences in 2006.

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LDR develops and markets fusion and non-fusion spinal implants to surgeons and patients on a global basis.

Initial public offering in 2013 (NASDAQ:LDRH).

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Magstim is a pioneer in neural stimulation and intraoperative nerve monitoring. The company’s trans-cranial magnetic stimulation device has FDA approval for treatment of major depressive disorder.

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MedPricer provides a technology-enabled sourcing service for hospitals that brings the benefits of real-time competition to contracting, resulting in significant cost savings and dramatically reduced negotiation periods.

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NEXUS Biosystems

NEXUS Biosystems is a developer and provider of enabling technologies and automation systems for sample storage and management to pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical and academic research institutions worldwide.

Acquired by Brooks Automation in 2011.

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PneumRx develops medical devices that assist in minimally invasive treatment of lung diseases.

Acquired by BTG Plc in 2014.

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Precision NanoSystems

Precision NanoSystems develops innovative tools and processes to formulate and manufacture nanoparticles used as medicines and in medical research.

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RareCyte develops technologies focused on the detection of rare cellular events, beginning with circulating tumor cells.

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A leading provider of next-generation research models and extensive support services. Using proprietary platform technologies, SAGE specializes in genetic manipulation of in vivo systems for specialized R&D applications.

Acquired by Horizon Discovery in 2014.

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SwitchGear Genomics provides technologies and reagents for understanding gene regulation and function.

Acquired by Active Motif in 2013.

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TrakCel is commercializing a unique software solution that facilitates efficiency in cell and gene therapy development by providing a platform by which program-critical information can be collated, tracked, and documented.

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VidaCare's product technology platform provides rapid access to bone for a broad spectrum of therapeutic and diagnostic purposes including emergency vascular access and bone marrow aspiration and biopsy.

Acquired by Telefex in 2013.

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Wasatch Microfluidics

Wasatch Microfluidics develops high throughput analytical instruments for the printing and reading of protein binding arrays, which enable new experiments that have not previously been conducted due to cost and time constraints.

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