AmerisourceBergen and TrakCel Launch Integrated Platform to Support Cell and Gene Therapies

The integration of TrakCel’s OCELLOS and Lash Group’s Fusion aims to improve speed-to-therapy by increasing connectivity between providers and hub patient services

Conshohocken, Pa. (January 25, 2022) – AmerisourceBergen, a global healthcare solutions leader, and TrakCel, the leading innovator of cellular orchestration solutions, today unveiled an integrated technology platform designed to accelerate patient access to prescribed cell and gene therapies and deliver complete visibility throughout the treatment journey. The enhanced offering combines two platforms—OCELLOS, TrakCel’s advanced therapy orchestration platform, and Fusion, a customer relationship management and patient support ecosystem powered by AmerisourceBergen’s Lash Group, a market leader in patient support services.

The platform increases connectivity between hub patient services and providers, resulting in a seamless and timely exchange of benefits and eligibility information which expedites patient enrollment and support, ultimately helping patients start on therapies sooner. The new offering adds to AmerisourceBergen’s robust portfolio of services and solutions that support the needs of cell and gene therapy innovators, providers and patients throughout the product and treatment journey—from pre-clinical and commercial logistics to market access and reimbursement consulting and patient support services.

“The fast-growing pipeline of cell and gene therapies represents immense hope for patients around the world, but their unique nature can pose challenges throughout the patient journey, such as eligibility and coverage barriers that can delay access to the treatment,” said Willis Chandler, president of Manufacturer Services and Commercial Solutions at AmerisourceBergen. “By combining the capabilities of Fusion and OCELLOS, we’re streamlining the path to care, improving speed-to-therapy and creating a heightened level of connectivity across the supply chain. This represents an important step in AmerisourceBergen’s ongoing commitment to build an end-to-end service offering that supports innovators in enhancing patient access to these critical therapies.”

TrakCel’s OCELLOS streamlines the orchestration of clinical and commercial stage therapies, from subject enrollment to treatment and administration, ensuring chain of custody and chain of identity are managed at each step of the patient journey. Fusion leverages emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, for benefit verification, prior authorization, and multi-channel communication between payers, providers, and patients.

Through this integrated platform, the bi-directional flow of data starts when a provider creates a patient account and captures enrollment information within OCELLOS. The data is then securely delivered to the patient hub, where Fusion’s advanced technology begins to determine patients’ eligibility through benefits verification. If needed, a Lash Group coordinator will initiate benefits investigation and prior authorization. Providers receive a near real-time response of the patient’s coverage determination in OCELLOS and can take the next steps to move the prescribed treatment process forward.

“Ensuring that medicines are delivered efficiently and safely to patients is of utmost priority and progressing treatment pathways smoothy and quickly is critical both to successful treatment and to a good patient experience,” said Ravi Nalliah, Chief Product and Strategy Officer for TrakCel. “These goals can only be achieved if data is shared securely, accurately and in real-time.”

The integrated platform serves as the latest collaboration between AmerisourceBergen and TrakCel to support advanced therapy developers. AmerisourceBergen’s global specialty logistics provider, World Courier, collaborates with multiple orchestration platform providers, including TrakCel, to deliver systems that enable stakeholders to maintain chain of custody, chain of identity and traceability throughout shipments.

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TrakCel is a market leading developer of integrated technologies specifically created in 2012 to manage the international autologous and allogeneic cell, gene and immunotherapy supply chain. TrakCel’s software platform has been developed in collaboration with, and increasingly adopted by leading companies in the cell, gene and immunotherapy industries. TrakCel’s solutions deliver real-time control over the entire therapeutic supply chain, from sample collection through manufacturing to treatment delivery. The TrakCel platform accelerates global scale-up and scale-out of cell and gene therapy products, increasing efficiency and decreasing complexity, while maintaining treatment collection to administration compliance and traceability.  TrakCel is headquartered in Cardiff, UK with US offices in California and New Jersey.