Telegraph Hill Partners believes that sometimes the most attractive investments are in businesses that are behind the scenes but create the foundation for the entire industry. We seek to partner with these companies by providing capital and strategic guidance to innovate and expand. We work with commercial companies in growth areas within the healthcare sector, including life science technologies, medical devices, chemistry and reagent suppliers, and healthcare services.

Enabling the Enablers.

Our team looks for managers who can demonstrate sustainable growth in the form of innovative product or service offerings, satisfied customers, efficient management processes and superior financial performance. If you are such a manager and are looking for a private equity partner, THP is a group that understands both your business and the way you do business.

Often, the companies in which THP invests have been boot-strapped and we are their first institutional investor, but we also participate in financings with other experienced investors. In many cases, we are the lead or sole investor.

We also have experience partnering with managers to buy divisions or business units from larger corporations to create new, separate companies focused on growth of the divested technology, product or service.

For growth equity, we ensure that our terms are consistent with the needs of the business as it expands. For acquisitions and management buyouts, we provide both the equity and expertise to structure a complete financing package to enable a successful transaction. For founders, we provide liquidity for a portion of one’s holdings so that sights can be set on a larger liquidity event in the future. We know the challenges companies experience when growing, and understanding your specific needs and objectives will determine how we structure a transaction.

Investing as a team. Advising as a partner.

THP’s team consists of experienced venture investors, life science and healthcare experts, M&A professionals and successful entrepreneurs having decades of experience in their respective disciplines. We work as a team with our investment opportunities, helping guide the management teams to stronger strategic plans and business models that will achieve their company’s revenue and profit potential, resulting in more valuable enterprises.

If you are looking for a team of proven performers that have demonstrated success in venture investing, THP is a group that can help your business reach its full potential.