Carterra™ Announces Multiple Sales of its New LSA™ Array SPR Instrument for Comprehensive Monoclonal Antibody Characterization

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA… Carterra Inc., an innovative label-free biosensor company, announced today that it has sold multiple units of its new, fully integrated, high throughput monoclonal antibody (mAb) screening and characterization instrument, the LSA™. Initial customers include large pharmaceutical, biotech, CRO and academic institutions, with these sales coming immediately after the official launch of the instrument in December 2017.

“The Carterra LSA is a game-changing platform for biotherapeutic development,” said Josh Eckman, CEO, Carterra. “By reducing mAb screening work from months to days and by enabling high resolution information to be gathered on all candidates in parallel, the LSA will help our customers make better, faster decisions in their biotherapeutics discovery process.  We are pleased with the endorsement that these initial sales provide for our platform and the rapid uptake by such a broad range of industry-leading groups which validates the market need for high throughput mAb characterization.”

Carterra’s LSA Array Surface Plasmon Resonance (Array SPR) instrument has been specifically designed to address the previously unmet need for high throughput, comprehensive screening and characterization of the large mAb libraries that are now standard in biotherapeutic discovery. The LSA integrates Carterra’s patented microfluidics with proven SPR real-time detection and industry leading software to deliver unique data and unparalleled functionality, with 100 times the throughput, in 10% of the time while requiring only 1% of the sample compared to existing instruments.  This enhanced throughput enables LSA customers to expand their intellectual property (IP) coverage by gaining a more detailed understanding of the mAb epitope diversity within their libraries. Furthermore, by comprehensively screening all their mAbs, rather than testing a subset or triaging based on incomplete data, they reduce the risk of missing novel, high-value biotherapeutic candidates.

“We have shown through multiple peer-reviewed publications with our collaborators the critical importance of understanding the epitope diversity and kinetic properties of all the antibodies in a library,” said Carterra’s CSO, Dr. Yasmina Abdiche. She added, “You cannot predict or computationally design which antibody to select, so expanding the pool you choose from increases the chances of finding a therapeutically-fitting candidate. If you want the best candidates with the best IP coverage, you need to screen all the clones produced by your antibody library generation platform. That is what the LSA now enables antibody discovery groups to do.”


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About Carterra Inc.

Carterra is the leading provider of innovative Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) based technology for monoclonal antibody (mAb) discovery and characterization. Carterra’s high throughput LSA™ Array SPR instrument combines patented microfluidics technology with real-time SPR, enabling single unattended runs for: >1,000 kinetic interactions; 384×384 epitope binning (150,000 interactions); >1,000 quantitation measurements; 384 epitope mapping. Combined with Carterra’s unique data analysis and visualization software, the platform delivers the highest throughput and data quality available for mAb characterization, while using minimal sample.