n6 Tec Launches Novel iconPCR™ Platform for Individually Controlled Plate-Based Thermocycling

iconPCR enables optimal high-throughput PCR for next generation sequencing and molecular biology applications

PLEASANTON, CA – February 6, 2024— n6 Tec has launched the world’s first individually controlled, plate-based thermocycling technology, iconPCR™, marking a breakthrough in DNA amplification and next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows. 

Featuring 96 distinct thermocycling elements, iconPCR offers unmatched flexibility and precision for genomic methods. iconPCR provides unique sample preparation capabilities without compromising the high-throughput format essential for current laboratory workflows. The iconPCR system is a benchtop instrument designed to work as a stand-alone instrument or be integrated with automation systems, while also using existing reagents and consumables.  

Because of the rapid growth of NGS and its widespread use in research and clinical applications, bottlenecks in the sample preparation workflow have increased, leading to higher costs and labor requirements. New challenges from single-cell and cell-free DNA analyses further strain these processes as sample volumes increase exponentially.

“iconPCR optimizes PCR cycles, the major user-defined step in NGS workflows. This overcomes sample handling bottlenecks and improves data quality,” said Dr. Eric Chow, Director, UCSF Center for Advanced Technology. “The auto-normalized libraries minimize under and over amplification, enhance data quality and improve experimental results.”

n6 Tec will showcase the technology at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) conference in Orlando, Florida, from Feb. 5-8 and present results from its Early Access Program in collaboration with top academic and genomic centers.

Pranav Patel, founder and CEO of n6 Tec, expressed excitement about the technology that reimagines PCR and addresses core amplification needs: “Our early adopter partners have found the system to be accurate, flexible and robust, leading us to accelerate our launch plans to make iconPCR broadly available.”  Early access sales have begun in North America, with commercial availability expected in mid-2024.

About n6 Tec:

n6 Tec is pioneering its iconPCR platform to transform the field of molecular biology and next generation sequencing sample preparation. More information can be found at www.n6tec.com.