Nimble Therapeutics Announces Achievement of Development Milestones from Multiple Partnered Programs Connected to a Strategic Large Pharma Collaboration

MADISON, WI, USA, [05/17/2022] — Nimble Therapeutics Inc. today announced the company has achieved the first development milestone for each of several programs attached to a multi-target collaboration with an undisclosed large pharma partner.

Nimble will receive payments for each milestone connected to the collaboration, and the company remains eligible for additional future downstream milestones attached to each program as development continues.

“This is a significant accomplishment for our young company as we work with our partners to create important medicines for the benefit of patients, and we look forward to supporting this partner as they continue the development activities for each program.” said Jigar Patel, Ph.D., CEO of Nimble Therapeutics.

“Delivering lead candidates to one of our first partners validates the power of our platform, approach, and team; and clearly demonstrates the value that Nimble brings to its partners. We are working diligently to deliver state of the art peptides for each and every partnered program and are confident that these efforts will result in additional milestones being earned by Nimble in 2022, and beyond.”

About Nimble Therapeutics

Nimble Therapeutics is a biotechnology company dedicated to delivering on the promise of peptide therapeutics. Leveraging a paradigm-shifting peptide drug discovery and development engine, Nimble integrates the unrivaled chemical and structural diversity of its proprietary, light-directed, massively parallel solid-phase synthesis with biological display techniques, sophisticated assays, and powerful analytics to efficiently and intelligently discover and develop next generation peptide therapeutics. For more information please see

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