Panome Bio Raises Growth Capital From Telegraph Hill Partners To Expand Next-Generation Metabolomics & Proteomics Business

ST. LOUIS, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Panome Bio, a metabolomics and proteomics services company that provides biopharma innovators unparalleled access into the biomolecules closest to phenotype and function, announced the closing of a growth financing round led by Telegraph Hill Partners, a life science venture capital and growth equity firm based in San Francisco, CA. BioGenerator Ventures, a St. Louis-based investment group who helped co-found and provide initial funding for Panome Bio, also participated.

Panome Bio was launched around the Next­Generation Metabolomics™ technology developed by Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Gary Patti. The Panome Bio platform uses advanced liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry assays and proprietary bioinformatic tools to gain actionable insights to metabolic pathways involved in cancer, aging, drug metabolism, and other areas. Panome Bio works with pharmaceutical and biotech companies and pairs Next-Generation Metabolomics with high-throughput proteomics to further advance research in biomarker discovery and drug development.

Dr. Patti is also the Michael and Tana Powell Professor at Washington University in Saint Louis where his lab is a leader in the field of metabolomics. Dr. Patti is known for many key advancements including developing gold-standard metabolomics analysis software and workflow optimization that allow for global metabolomics screens. “Some of the most exciting and insightful experiments to interrogate metabolism are currently not being used by many researchers who would greatly benefit from them. This is not only due to technological access, but also challenges of data interpretation,” said Dr. Patti. “With the investment from Telegraph Hill Partners, Panome Bio hopes to change that. The potential impact for precision medicine and drug discovery is extraordinary.”

The financing will be used to develop new technologies and capabilities, expand laboratory facilities, and grow the Panome Bio team to service the increasing interest in metabolomics and proteomics data. “Panome Bio’s Next-Generation Metabolomics platform provides researchers with the ability to see a truly global view of the metabolites in their samples, enabling biomarker discovery unlike any other technology available,” said Panome Bio CEO Edward Weinstein. “Panome Bio is thrilled to have additional resources to accelerate market adoption.”

“Panome Bio’s novel technologies can reveal unique insights into biological pathways to aid in better drug discovery and development. We look forward to working with the team to expand Panome Bio’s capabilities, reach and impact,” said Deval Lashkari, Senior Partner from Telegraph Hill Partners. Deval Lashkari, Rob Capone, and Alex Herzick from Telegraph Hill Partners will join Panome Bio’s board of directors. Edward Weinstein, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, and David Smoller, Co-founder, will also hold seats on the Panome Bio Board.

About Panome Bio:

Panome Bio is a discovery services contract research organization that helps its clients profile the metabolome and proteome to further their research in disease and drug development. Panome Bio provides a comprehensive workflow including experimental design, sample preparation and analysis, and data processing. For more information, please visit, follow us on LinkedIn at, or email at

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Telegraph Hill Partners, founded in 2001 and based in San Francisco, CA, invests in commercial stage life science, medical technology, and healthcare companies. For more information, please see

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BioGenerator Ventures, the investment arm of BioSTL, creates, builds, and invests in companies that are solving important problems in healthcare and agriculture. For additional information, visit


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